Monday, March 28, 2011

I have been watching some videos.....

A lot of videos actually, lol. And the one thing they all hit on is defining who you are as a photographer. To look at your images and see if you can tell what makes your images special.
So I did just that. I took some time to look at my images and see what my style is and see if I could point to the things that make my images unique.
Here is what I came up with.
1. I like to keep my images simple. I don't like cluttered backgrounds.
2. I dislike blown out skies so I use flash a lot out doors.
3. I dislike using textures and selective coloring. I want my images to stand out on their own with out a lot of effects.
4. I love black and whites & vignettes.
5. I shoot a lot in portrait orientation, probably 90% of the time.
6. I dislike shooting with a tilt.
7. I like my images to be contrasty.
8. I like longer focal lengths, I use my 85mm 1.8 a lot for portraits and here recently I have been using my 70-210mm f4 a lot.
9. I love shooting portraits wide open, especially head shots. Thin depth of field is beautiful.
Try doing this with your own images. Look at your portfolio and list what you see in your images.