Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first "workshop"....

A friend of mine from High School has started up a photography club and he asked me to come do a portrait workshop for them. We met at a local refuge and I began rambling about everything I know about portrait work, I know that I probably overloaded them with info, but hopefully they retain some of what I went over and they are better photographers from it.
One thing I did go over was my passion for photography. I tried to impress upon them the responsibility they have as photographers. To be able to take these moments, capture them and preserve them for years to come for people.
You dont want to be asked or paid to capture theses moments and fail to do so in a manner that will allow them to take the pictures out years from now and laugh, cry or just be able to sit there and enjoy the memories the images bring up. The portrait you take today could be the last picture they have of a loved one after an untimely death. The images from the next wedding you shoot could be the only images that a relative that was to sick to attend or to far away to come will ever see. Being a photographer is not about how fancy a camera you have but being able to live up to the responsibility of preserving someones special moments.

Heres a pic of the photographers who listened to my ramblings today....

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