Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day.....

So its Valentines Day, what did you get your significant other? Right now I am waiting on one of Jeannie's presents I ordered for her to get here...probably going to be a day or so late, but its all good since I got her a Coach eyeglass case and some flowers already. I got my gift from her today...a new to me 70-210 f4 lens. This lens is awesome for being 20 years old...I love the push pull design and I am amazed at how fast the 1st gen AF motor is in it...a little noisier than the nifty fifty, but a lot better AF than the fifty has...I think I am going to get some really awesome images with this lens..only bad thing is I dont want to take it off my 30D anyone want to buy me another

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