Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been a little bit...

Sorry for the lack of any posts over the last week or so.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I took a little time to relax and not do anything but catch up on some reading I have been meaning to do. I took all of last week to read the Harry Potter series and finish up some Christmas shopping.
Anyhow, I am back and wanted to post up a few things...Today we went to the local Christmas Parade and I took a few pics of that, had fun standing in the snow with the family and watching the parade go by. Seen a few faces I knew riding along in the parade and a couple of the kids that attend the day care my wife works at were in the parade as well.
And now for something a little more serious regarding to photography.
Yesterday a facebook friend and fellow photographer, Alex Michéle Photography of Jacksonville Florida, was informed that her images had been stolen and used on another photographers site. Richmond Virginia -based 'photographer' Jayde Madison Photography not only stole images and claimed them as her own, but also stole wording from Jasmine Starr's website to help promote her site. 
As a community we photographers need to be vigilante in watching out for each other when it comes to copyright infringement.
Fortunately for Alex Michéle Photography, another photographer was on their game and spotted the stolen images and as a community we put the word out about what she had done and hopefully saved potential clients from being scammed.
Water marking your images can only offer so much protection as we can see from this case, since all the images were watermarked. So if you spot an image on someones site that you know belongs to another photographer, don't hesitate to inform the correct people, you know you would want someone to let you know if your images had been stolen

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