Monday, October 11, 2010

Dropt n Destroyed

Once a year I go to a car show in Ohio. I have quite a few friends who I only get to see at shows, so sometimes its a year between seeing each other. It was great to see my AcrophobiA family and get to meet a couple of the guys from down south who flew in for the show.
It was a 6 hour trip up to Kent Ohio where we were staying, I am getting to old to sit in a car for that

On the way up we stopped at a rest are just north of Columbus Ohio, as I was walking the dog a bunch of cars flew in from all directions blocking in a car! A ll of a sudden there were cops everywhere with guns out and screaming for the people to get out of the car...then there was some load banging and the sound of glass shattering and people being thrown to the ground...Bella, our dog was on the ground trembling looking at me to please pick her up and hold her...she was so scared...
But all in all it was a great time and I enjoyed the time alone with my wife on the trip up and back...and cant wait til next year to do it again...

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